Vale of Tears Module Two- Sections 1-21

Section 1- Cape of Storms – Problems that face me now

Section 2 – Married Life/ Current Home/ Place where I Live Now

Section 3-Security Street / I know everything here/ future is insecure/Fear for the Future /Resistance

Section 4 -Freedom Gate/ Escape from what is holding you back/ the start of the journey

Section 5 -Inferno/ Feelings intensify/ Anger/Fear/ Resentments etc

Section 6 -Alone/ NO one to help/ who can I turn to? Finding support

Section 7 -Labyrinth / Where do I go to now- I keep hitting a dead end, decisions, decisions, I am lost

Section 8 – Anger Path – I am just SO angry with myself, everyone else, life in general

Section 9 -Lion Camp – Taming the lion of Fear

Section 10- Cave of Terror – What monsters are lurking there? I feel shame, guilt and I want to hide

Section 11- Sea of Despair – Nothing is going right/ when will things ever work out/ waves of self-pity

Section 12 -Pit of Depression – Was it My fault/ Nobody loves me/ I just cant get out bed and deal with this anymore

Section 13 -Pool of Bitter Waters – Life is not fair/ why are the ex etc happy and moved on why, why why.

Section 14 -Cant Keep Afloat Bay – My finances are in a mess, I have more outgoings than income/ no job

Section 15 -BANK – Resources available to help both internal and external.

Section 16 -River of Forgiveness – The most important piece of the journey/ forgive self/others/ex

Section 17 -Holy Spirit Dove – New spiritual insight and clarity for the future/ inner strength

Section 18 -Hope for the Future Look Out – Climb the mountain and see the future glowing in the distance

Section 19 -Road of Responsibilities – Taking up the responsibility for self-care, care of family/others

Section 20 -Resting Place – Time to reflect on the journey so far, take a break and prepare for the future.

Section 21 -River of Tears – Tears of relief/Joy and healing tears